I started 12 years ago to try to obtain true seed from flowering heads of garlic. I started with many varieties from the USDA collection at Pullman, WA and from others obtained widely.  By a certain manipulation in early flowering, some clones produced true seed, with sexual recombination. These were germinated through embryo rescue and new, virus-free garlics were created. These were selected for fertility, vigor and bulb and clove characters. Several generations of seed production were followed by clonal selection. The breeding and selection were carried out in Southwestern Oregon.

So, now, year 2011, I have 29 different clones, put into 10 groups for release and sale for the very first time!

These garlics appear to fit in the Rocambole group and they have a rich, well-rounded outstanding flavor. Their scapes become very tall and develop several loops. They are robust, vigorous and appear virus-free.  Some have giant cloves, with few per bulb. Others have smaller, but more numerous cloves. All are hardnecks. They are identified by groups, A-J, and by numbers within each group. A photo of representative samples of each group can be seen on this site.

Quantities are limited, some more than others.

These selections are being released so that growers, breeders, collectors, etc. will have a new source of garlic germplasm to establish new clones!  I would be interested to know how they develop under your care and in your locations!